Filtra Sukas Sūklis Par Ecovacs Deebot M87 M88 900 901 Robotu Putekļsūcēji

€12.39 €10.90

Tagi: deebot, akumulatora ecovacs deebot, ūdens putekļsūcēju suka, deebot 900 ozmo, deerma mop, apkopēja xr210, komplekts mi robots, electrolux putekļusūcēju grīdas, roborock s5 max es, deebot 930 ozmo.

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  • Veids: Putekļu Sūcēju Daļas
  • Vakuuma Daļas Tips: Sukas
  • Modeļa Numurs: par ECOVACS Deebot M87 M88 900 901
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)

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  • Aldrinpaul 30  — 

    The seller is a fraud, I do not recommend! Asked to cancel the order so that I would then re-order at a higher price after the sale. Then he pointed out the foreign tracking in the order, as a result, the goods did not arrive. The seller pulled with the refund and the money managed to return only after the dispute.

  • Gemma033  — 

    Ok, thank you

  • Caiolobosilva  — 

    Items has a good quality and the price is very good, shipping was within the promised time. I can recommend this seller.