"Eiropa 2020" Jaunais Mini Rc Dūkoņa XT6 4K 1080P HD Dual Camera WiFi FPV Gaisa Spiediena Augstums Turiet Salokāms Quadcopter Gps Dron par zēnu rotaļlietās

€43.37 €22.56

Tagi: rūpniecības usb lādētāja, brushless motors, rc kravas automašīnas, gp tracker, plīša, quadcopt, fpv mehānisko, Brushless, mikro camara, ls mini dūkoņa.

SKU : w219 Kategorija:Tālvadības Pults Rotaļlietas

  • Kontroles Kanāli: 4 Kanāli
  • Sertifikāta Numurs: SPF20033780
  • Mehānisko: brushless motors
  • Lidojuma Laikā: 12min
  • Aerial Photography: Jā
  • Brīdinājums: no
  • Kontrollera Režīmā: MODE1
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: FoPcc
  • Uzlādes Laiks: aptuveni 60 minūtes
  • Uzlādes Spriegums: 3.7 V
  • Materiāls: Plastmasas
  • Vecums: > 6 gadiem
  • CE: Sertifikāts
  • Funkcijas: Tālvadības Pults
  • Sveces Tipa: USB
  • Modeļa Numurs: xt6
  • Garantijas laiks: 15 dienas
  • Valsts Montāža: Ready-to-Go
  • Barošanas Avots: elektriskā
  • Svītrkods: No
  • Kontrolieris Akumulators: 3*AAA
  • Paketē Iekļauts: USB vads
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Izmēri: 18*15*4CM
  • Tālvadības Pults: Jā
  • Sertifikācija: CE
  • Tālvadības Attālums: Apmēram 100 metru

"Eiropa 2020" Jaunais Mini Rc Dūkoņa XT6 4K 1080P HD Dual Camera WiFi FPV Gaisa Spiediena Augstums Turiet Salokāms Quadcopter Gps Dron par zēnu rotaļlietās

Pievienot atsauksmi

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  • Mwm 1955  — 

    very bad drone. not recommend. the controls are bad , calibration not working . the buttons not responding. I have lost the drone in the sky . never came back. the app is terrible. the QR on the manual did not point to the. took me long time to find the right app at the android store. the pictures are bad do to vibrations from the drone.

  • Mikesmartnz  — 

    I'm new to flying drones - in the past i would play with cheap drones i bought or owned by friends, but run over them more than anyone - it was hard to get rid of the controller-j decided to spend the money from the start, This drone is very easy to fly - many different options are programmed on the drone, you can fly, record video or take photos and look almost like an expert even though my wife treats me impressed!

  • Nik Golikov  — 

    Сделал заказ 11.11.2020. Прошло больше двух месяцев. Пришли все заказы что я делал в тот день и намного позже. Кроме этого. Заявил 18.01.2021 спор. Сегодня уже 26.01.2021 года. Ни денег ни товара. На вопросы к продавцу получаю ответ автомата: Hello, the double eleven order is indeed due to some problems with the Russian customs, so we are now communicating with the Russian customs about the issue of this batch of goods, and now the batch of goods is slowly resuming logistics, and customers are gradually Received, please wait patiently. В переводе последние слова звучат как "пожалуйста, терпеливо ждите". Супер! Я в восторге! Должен ждать чего не понятно. Однозначно кол с минусом. Всего то две тысячи почти восемьсот рублей. Мелочь какая. Для меня разумеется. Не для продавца с пятью звездами в рейтинге.

  • Mike Yuri  — 

    This drone is excellent for kids wanting to learn the basics of drone flying indoors... or more importantly, it is a great choice for them to mess around. On slow mode it is so stable and easy to fly my 7-year-old can fly it easily. My 10 year old likes to put it on to top speed buzz around the place. You can buy spare batteries and a charger for a fiver so if you are flying a lot then it might be worth a worth while purchase.