Lotus Jautri Nekustamā 925 Sterling Sudraba Roku darbs Smalkas Rotaslietas Radošo Zīmuli Skaidu Dizaina Kulons bez Kaklarota Sievietēm Dāvanu

€28.74 €13.51

Tagi: 925 sudraba sterl, necklac, 925 sudrabs, sieviešu collier, monētas kuloni, rotaslietu izgatavošana, apkakle atraut, mechosen, yanhui sudraba rotaslietas, sudraba paredz kaklarota, mechan zīmuli.

SKU : w22809 Kategorija:Smalkas Rotaslietas

  • Kuloni Tips: slide
  • Sods vai Modes: Sods
  • Sānu Akmens: NAV
  • Vienuma Tips: Kuloni
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Lotus Jautri
  • Modeļa Numurs: LFJE0175
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Sertifikāta Veids: GIC
  • Formas\raksts: ĢEOMETRISKAS
  • Galvenais Akmens: NAV
  • Metāla Zīmogs: 925,Mārciņa
  • Stils: Moderns
  • Metālu Tips: SUDRABA

Pievienot atsauksmi

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  • Maryspb86  — 

    If I could put 10 stars, I would. 1) perfectly packed-large hard box 2) inside the packaging is a gift decorated box. The little thing is nice. The seller really took care of the presentation of the goods as a gift with an emphasis on the supplier. 3) as a gift ring. 4) the quality of the suspension and the chain look great. I do not know how to wear it. I just got it today. The daughter is delighted 5) in the declaration the price is much lower-the seller took care to avoid taxes, in case... we didn't discuss it. This is the first in my, big enough, shopping experience here seller, who so paid attention to packing. The feeling that I bought on Etsy. Thank you. With such a presentation, the card with the invitation to subscribe to their accounts is very appropriate. I very much comment on this seller.❤

  • Sharifova204  — 

    Very beautiful decoration, delivered quickly, packed was perfect! Special thanks for the nice box! I will definitely buy more from this seller!

  • Julienilboudo  — 

    Super pendant!!! It's really beautiful, like in the description. It's smaller than I imagined but actually it's the right size to look beautiful, elegant and delicate at the neck. Designer felt the perfect size for it. I received compliments for it! Thank you Lotus fun! I love it very much! You could make some stud earrings with the same model.

  • Ilyuhin63  — 

    It is wonderful and beautiful and accurate in the manufacture, it is wonderful and beautiful manual work, but did not come with a catenary only hold without catenary.