25L Āra Sporta Velosipēdu Run Ūdens Maiss Ķivere Uzglabāšanas Mitrināšanu Mugursoma Ultravieglajiem Pārgājienu Velosipēds Izjādes Pack Urīnpūšļa uz muguras pārnēsājamiem

€12.33 €8.63

Tagi: sieviešu skriešanas, soma bicycl, camelbak, pleca soma, bicycl, camellback, cubrebotas ciclismo, elektriskā bycicle soma, velosipēdu topeak, mugursoma ūdens.

SKU : w22823 Kategorija:Velosipēdu Aksesuāri

  • Ainas: Velobraukšana,Skriešana,Kāpšana,Ceļojumi,Pārgājieni un tā tālāk
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Modeļa Numurs: TLH688
  • Sertifikācija: CE
  • Svars: 620g
  • Materiāls: Neilona
  • Jauda: 25L
  • krāsa: Melna/Sarkana/Rozā/Oranža/Zila/Zaļa/Violeta
  • Funkcijas: Ūdensnecaurlaidīgs
  • Izmērs: about 48*26*14cm

Pievienot atsauksmi

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  • Ya Iz Parija  — 

    Very very very good and quality backpack. Super fast shipping.

  • Semikill  — 

    The back is not quite breathable. There are no special rollers or supports. There are only holes in the back and a multi-layer mesh design of the back of the backpack. When loading, the entire backpack sticks to the back and the ventilation should go through the main compartment of the backpack. Pleases that it is light and there are additional pockets in the straps and waist belt, therefore, there is no point in climbing inside. So far I only checked the load, I did not wear it for a long time, but I did not like it very much, that your back feels the contents of the backpack-in a long road it will be to push to certain places and cause discomfort. Good that there is mesh for large cargo outside, bad that there is no rain bag, but the material does not look like it will last longer than 30 minutes, and there is no protection on the locks-zippers either. straps on the shoulders without soft inserts and dampers. Let's look at the strength, but the ventilation system through the inner compartment of the backpack is a very doubtful idea. It turns out in a backpack will always be wet at load, impregnate and stink.

  • Kide3501  — 

    Received 1/12/20 all exelent correct

  • Margaritochka777  — 

    Excellent backpack, very fast delivery. Thank you!

  • Xsmolyan Miliyod1990v  —